Dine-in Service Guidelines

  • We are limited to 50% capacity
  • Tables must meet social distancing guidelines
  • Parties are limited to a maximum of 6 people
  • Alcohol can only be consumed in conjunction with a meal
  1. What does 50% capacity mean and how will it affect consumers?
    50% capacity limit is a condition of opening. In addition, we have to maintain a social distance separation of 6 feet, we are unable to use half of our tables. This means that you may experience a wait when the restaurant does not seem busy and wait times may be longer than previous visits.
  2. How will you handle customers waiting for tables?
    Customers must maintain 6 ft. between ‘household units’ so our waiting area can only accommodate a few people at a time. We will ask customers to wait outside or in their car and we will page/text them when their table is ready.
  3. Will the patio be open for dining?
    Yes, weather permitting, the patio will be open for dining. The same restrictions do apply to the patio area as well so seating will be limited to half capacity.
  4. Is alcohol “To Go” still an option?
    Yes, at this time you are able to purchase alcohol “to go”.
  5. What does “alcohol can only be consumed with a meal” mean?
    You will not be served alcohol until you have ordered your dinner/lunch. It also means that you cannot “linger” after dinner is finished and consume alcohol.
  6. Can I sit at the bar and have a drink while I wait to be seated?
    Bar top seating is prohibited. We will ask you to go outside or to your car while you wait if the wait area is taken.
  7. Can I eat at the bar?
    No, you cannot eat at the bar rail. You can, however, eat at the tables in the bar area.
  8. Do I need a reservation?
    No, you do not need a reservation but they are strongly recommended so that we can plan to accommodate your party quickly upon arrival.
  9. Do customers need to wear face coverings?
    Face coverings are not required for restaurant customers but they are highly recommended and appreciated.
  10. If a party of 6 shows up, will they be seated?
    Yes, we will still seat parties of 5 or 6 without reservations. Please be advised that we cannot ensure a short wait time for the table. Due to distancing requirements, it may require that two tables become empty before your party can be seated.
  11. Will we be able to be seated if we have a party of 8 people?
    We can still accommodate the party but they will have to sit at two separate tables so that no table exceeds 6 people, and we cannot guarantee the tables will be in the same area.
  12. What other COVID19 precautions is the business taking?
    1. All staff will be wearing masks & employees will have temperature taken at the beginning of each shift. Frequent hand washing and use of sanitizers will continue to be utilized.
    2. Customers will have their temperatures taken at the front door
    3. The salsa bar will not be available. Your server will get salsa for your table upon request
    4. Condiment bottles, sugar caddies, and salt & pepper will not be placed on the tables; tables, seats, and any used condiment containers will be sanitized between uses

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