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Dining Service Guidelines

  • Face coverings are required and must be worn whenever you are not seated to eat or drink
  • Tables must meet social distancing recommendations
  • Parties are limited to a maximum of 8 people
  1. Is capacity restricted?
    No – there is no stated capacity limit but the recommendation is to maintain social distancing between tables and bar patrons.  We have voluntarily limited the use of some tables to accommodate social distancing.

How will you handle customers waiting for tables?
Customers must maintain proper social distancing so our waiting area can only accommodate a few people at a time. We will ask customers to wait outside or in their car and we will page/text them when their table is ready.

  1. Will the patio be open for dining?
    Yes, weather permitting, the patio will be open for dining. 
  1. Is alcohol “To Go” still an option?
    Yes, at this time you are able to purchase alcohol “to go”.
  1. Can I sit at the bar and have a drink while I wait to be seated?
    Yes, as long as you maintain proper social distancing between parties and groups cannot exceed 8 people
  1. Can I eat at the bar?
    Yes. Bar top eating is now allowed.
  1. Do I need a reservation?
    No, you do not need a reservation but they are strongly recommended so that we can plan to accommodate your party quickly upon arrival.
  1. Do customers need to wear face coverings?
    Yes – face coverings are required whenever you are not sitting to eat or drink.
  1. Will we be able to be seated if we have a party of greater than 8 people?
    We can still accommodate the party but they will have to sit at separate tables so that no table exceeds 8 people, and we cannot guarantee the tables will be in the same area.

What other COVID19 precautions is the business taking?

  • All staff will be wearing masks & employees will have temperature taken at the beginning of each shift. Frequent hand washing and use of sanitizers will continue to be utilized.
  • Customers will have their temperatures taken at the front door
  • The salsa bar will not be available. Your server will get salsa for your table upon request
  • Condiment bottles, sugar caddies, and salt & pepper will not be placed on the tables; tables, seats, and any used condiment containers will be sanitized between uses