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Hector’s Kids Menu


Kids’ meal includes drink, entrée, and your choice of: smiley fries, regular fries, applesauce, beans, rice, or carrot & celery sticks.
Choose a cup of fruit or jello, add $.35    Choose onion rings, add $.75

Shrimp Basket
Popcorn shrimp served in a basket with fries, with ketchup or cocktail sauce on the side, 5.25

Combo Basket
Six pieces of your choice from these 3 items, served with fries, 4.75
Fish Sticks      Mozzarella Sticks      Chicken Nuggets

Lean, ground beef on a toasted bun, served with fries, 4.75
Add a slice of cheese, $.30

Cactus with a mustache and sombrero

Choose Any Meal Below


Tortilla chips topped with Chile con Queso; you can also add your choice of ground beef or shredded chicken

Beanie Tostada
A tostada with beans and cheese

Ground beef or shredded chicken
and cheese on hard corn or soft flour tortilla – specify tortilla please

A bean and cheese burrito made
with a flour tortilla

Kiddie Quesadilla
Mexican version of the grilled cheese, made with two 6” flour tortillas

Corn Dog or Hot Dog
The American classic breaded & on a stick or plain & in a bun

Grilled Cheese
Just a regular grilled cheese sandwich

Mac ‘n Cheese
This kid favorite needs no description

Choose soft or toasted bread


Free refills on soda & lemonade

Shirley Temple
Roy Rogers
Sierra Mist

Pepsi (Regular or Diet)
Dr. Pepper (Regular or Diet)
Milk (White or Chocolate)

Root Beer
Orange Juice
Hot Chocolate


Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream, 1.70      Root Beer Float, 1.70